Our Program

The athletic department at Metro Christian Academy accommodates grades K-12, offering a diverse selection of athletic activities. The athletic department strives to offer each school (elementary, middle school and high school) a selection of sports programs that are physically and emotionally appropriate. The younger students are encouraged to confidently explore their athletic interests regardless of previous experience, skill level, or game knowledge. Throughout all 12-years, students are nurtured and their talents are developed to prepare them to compete at the high school level. At Metro, we believe it is our responsibility to provide programs that allow students to identify and use their God given gifts and talents, to enable them to increase their skill level, and to enhance their overall competitive development.

A Commitment to Excellence

MCA’s school motto is "the pursuit of excellence through Christ”. That athletic department works to support that motto through athletic competition that honors God through both action and attitude. We believe that the nature of athletic competition offers immeasurable opportunities to develop Christ-like character traits while training to face difficult tasks that mirror life’s challenges. Our commitment is to prepare our athletes for the ultimate test: life as a follower of Christ.

The Metro Athletic Family

A reflection of our commitment to excellence, our school and our witness to the community, is through our athletes, parents and fans. By design, training, and expectation, the Metro athlete should have the following attributes: to be diligent in preparation, relentless in effort, disciplined by nature, respectful in actions, self controlled with words, humble in spirit, and aggressive in the pursuit of excellence, without regard to the score, opponent, time or referee. As Christian athletes display these characteristics, good things usually happen; teams are successful, players are motivated, fans are supportive and enthusiastic, parents are proud, perspective athletes want to participate, and very often non-believers are drawn to Christ.

Role Model Coaches

Because of our commitment to excellence, coaches are one of the most significant components of our athletic program. Coaches have the responsibility to model Christ-like attitudes and behaviors and to assist in the development of these traits in our athletes.

To be an effective coach and role model, Metro expects each coach to be knowledgeable in their sport, capable of detailed preparation, able to motivate athletes, to be responsive during competition, and to actively train and mentor their team or an individual athlete in all situations. Coaches have tremendous responsibilities, but also amazing opportunities to mold young lives for Christ.

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